Linsey’s Postpartum Essentials – Bath & Play Time

Linsey’s Postpartum Essentials – Bath & Play Time


How many baby containment devices does one family need?  My feeling is one.  But it needs to be one that baby likes.  Unfortunately, we can’t ask baby that before they are born. Get a bouncer or a swing.  You don’t need one that connects to your iPhone, you really, really don’t.  A simple one is fine.
  • Bouncer or swing
  • Activity mat for the non-mobile baby
  • Toys that you will be buried under, so don’t buy anyPro-tip: don’t put in the batteries on toys, or take them out before baby knows any better.  You will thank me later.
  • Books.  Believe it or not, babies don’t really enjoy books for a few months.  But they’re great and I hope you get many baby and toddler books.


I used the baby bath my MIL bought be exactly once. Bathing with the baby is way more fun, and if you don’t want to get wet, the sink works just fine.  Use s gentle, mild soap for baby.  We used unscented Dr. Bronners for body and baby hair.  Though everyone likes pictures of babies in those special baby towels, you can wash a baby with a regular washcloth and dry a baby with a regular towel, believe it or not. Do get some of those baby nail scissors though, those are great!


And that is it, I think!  What do you think are baby essentials?