Want a start-to-finish birth experience which feels like a big warm

Hello Mamas!

I’m Corina Hossle, founder of Embrace Birth.

I can’t wait to personally show you around our beautiful birth center here in Richmond!

Is there anything that feels as good as an authentic hug?

  • The feeling of safety, warmth and unconditional love.
  • Knowing that you can finally relax and be nurtured and taken care of.
  • Total acceptance and non-judgment.

That’s what we work hard to make sure every single client feels. In fact, you’re not just our client when you birth with us. You’re part of our family.

We exist for loving families who desire a

  • • fully present
  • • deeply listened to
  • • sacred and joyful


We are the premier birth center in Richmond, VA offering a home-away-from-home to give birth in the ultimate luxury and with the support of highly experienced certified, licensed midwives.

Respectful, empowering care matters.

I know because I experienced the opposite during the births of my children.
I am the Mother to three grown up children
I have two sons and a daughter.
My oldest is now 31.

I was only 20 when I had my first baby — practically a baby myself!

Back then, I lived in a little town in South Dakota. There was no cable or internet — just country doctors and the local library with outdated books.

No privacy

I was in a teaching hospital, so after a 33 hour labor, I was rolled into an operating room to birth my baby in front of a gaggle of student nurses and interns. In my mind’s eye there must have been about 20 students in there, watching me give birth!

Uncomfortable practices

They gave enemas back then called ‘Triple H’: High, Hot and a Hell-of-a-Lot. Laboring women were shaved from bum to belly button, and kept in bed, on their backs. Continuous monitoring, no food or drinks and regular vaginal exams were expected. Back then, there were no epidurals!

Pain and trauma

No one talked to me about diet and nutrition, although I remember my country doctor telling my husband it was time “to get my head out of the feed sack”. My baby was big, and born at 42 weeks. I had bruises on my ribs from fundal pressure, and a 4th degree tear from forceps. I hemorrhaged, and had my baby immediately taken to the nursery to be bathed and weighed. I didn’t know any better. I was 20 years old.

Baby #2 brought with it so much fear.

Somehow, I got pregnant again, four months later. I swear I slept through it, I have no idea how I had sex four months later! I was so afraid to have another baby, 13 months after that first experience.


Doctors induced me for second birth, hoping for a smaller baby. I had my second boy, Chisom. He was born face up and they still had to use forceps and I still had a big, deep, ugly tear.

Postpartum depression

It was just traumatizing. Victimizing. It took me months to heal. I had severe, suicidal post-postpartum depression after Chisom. Back then, we didn’t talk about postpartum depression. It was common to hear “what are you crying for, you have two healthy babies.” There was no support, no meds, no mother’s circles. I had never heard of a midwife.

With Baby #3 I was determined to have a better experience

In ’92 I got pregnant with my daughter. I was working for an OB and had more experience and knowledge. I was determined to have a better experience than my previous two. I hired a midwife and planned out a home birth.
And then my husband was transferred! I lost my midwife. Back then, we had no Google. Unless you knew somebody who knew somebody you had no access…the midwives weren’t listed in the phone book.

Epidural & Induction

I used an OB and my daughter was born in Palm Springs California in a fancy schmancy hospital. My grandfather was dying twelve hours away, so I chose to be induced and once I was induced I chose an epidural. Back then epidurals were used for labor, but when it was time to push they would turn it off. Completely off. So labor could be pain free, but when you began pushing you had no endorphins, no pain management and no time to prepare. I remember a moment of panic, as the sensations crashed over me. I got my breath, and my daughter was born at 9 pounds, 13 oz, without a tear. The doctor was kind, but he was no midwife. This is as good as birth was going to get for me.

My daughter was 9 pounds 13 ounces, but it was the best birth I had.

I’ve experienced…

My three births gave me lots of perspective on the medical approach to birth and gives me a lot of empathy and understanding.

I always say my greatest regret in life is that I’ll never get to feel the power of birthing upright, birthing with love and support and respect, or of guiding my own baby from a watery world into my arms. I truly see the MAGIC of when a woman gets in a tub and suddenly feels capable of taking on the world.

Giving women

what I always wanted.

Now I’ve birthed 500 babies with BEAUTIFUL birth stories.

I know your birth story is right now, right here. The way you view your partner when they are your anchor and strength and the way they view you when you are this powerful, wild woman. Birth can be a transformative experience — a way to realize your power and strength! It changes the way you see yourself, and the way you and your partner see each other. Having a partner that is empowered and connected to the birth process with you is life-changing — and we Embrace partners in every aspect of your pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

We help create a family that is confident, whole and connected in a sacred, intimate way.

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that believes birth should not be a battle.

We believe birth should be a calm, peaceful, gentle, respectful process that lets you focus on listening to your body and letting nature do its work, while being kept safe and supported by women who believe in you.

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