Women sink into a tub full of warm water, and everything changes. It’s MAGIC. Automatically, the room quiets, the sounds soften and the surges that seemed so overwhelming a few minutes ago become doable.

Water birth is not allowed in our area hospitals, but at Embrace, water birth happens all the time!
of our clients get into the tub for comfort during labor
of our clients choose to have their babies underwater
Whatever way you choose to use our tubs, you’re going to LOVE them! They are biggest and deepest in Richmond, which means there is plenty of room for you and even your partner to get in. We have endless hot water and your tub can be refilled 10 times if you need us to!


Natural Pain Management


You go from not quite coping, then you get in the tub and it resets everything. You feel you can cope again. It is the most magical thing. Everything changes.
I’ve never had a mom not be like “oh my gosh this is the best thing.”
You feel comforted, warm and safe.

How it works

We know the warmth helps to relax muscles and bottoms. It helps keep our perineum soft and stretchy, to minimize the risk of tears.
The pressure of the water pushes blood into your torso, and better oxygenates your baby. Our tubs are over 22 inches deep. That is a full foot deeper than many bathtubs and at least 8 inches deeper than most garden tubs! In order for water to help managing the contractions, we need the belly to be submerged. We bought our tubs special, just for you!

Extra comfort

We have shower massages too, so if you want to have a massage on your back while you sit there, you can. There is enough room in the tub for a partner, which can give you an extra layer of support and make it a more connected, intimate experience.


Comfortable, Sustainable Positions to Give Birth

Water’s amazing buoyancy allows moms to sustain positions they would otherwise tire from.
Plenty of room to be on your hands and knees, arms supported on a nice, wide ledge padded with towels.
We can put a birth stool in the tub to keep the benefits of the water, but allow you to be in a supported squat.
With your bum in the corner and your feet against the front wall, you can push in a semi-seated position.
We have squat bars next to each tub, so you can support yourself while wiggling your hips down into the water to help your baby descend.
The Serenity Suite has a birth swing that reaches the tub, so you can use it to pull on to help move your baby down – and out!
With tubs large enough for two, you can even sit between your partners legs so both of you can greet the baby together.
Our Tubs

The Biggest and Deepest Birth Tubs in Richmond!

The Mermaid

Cove Birth Suite

The Serenity

Birth Suite

5 star rating

We get consistently exceptional reviews.
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“Even my skeptical husband said afterwards how much better it was than our first hospital birth.”

“I had such a wonderful experience at Embrace from prenatal care to the beautiful birth of my son to postpartum. I always felt my choices were heard and followed, and looked forward to appts which were like visiting friends! I got to have both Jessica and Corina at my birth, and even my skeptical husband said afterward how much better it was than our first hospital birth. We love you guys soo much! Also shoutout to Corina for flipping my randomly breech babe at 37 wks and saving me from a c-section, to Dalyce for watching my sassy 5 year old and Jessica for making me crack up at literally every appt.”

— Katie Hardcastle

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