Richmond, VA’s premier Birth Center, with luxurious features you’ll love!

  • Extra deep tubs for water birth
  • Queen-sized beds with luxury linens
  • Fireplace and birth swing
  • Private bathrooms
  • 2 birth rooms with different styles – option for a bright and cheery room or dark, cave like room
  • Experienced, licensed, certified midwives
  • Non-intimidating, home-like setting
  • Children welcome
  • Full time office manager for your scheduling and billing convenience
  • Free parking just steps from the front door

Our unwavering attention to detail provides a custom birthing experience that’s perfect for you and your family.

Our birth center offers low-risk women expecting healthy babies the opportunity for natural and water birth in a safe, gentle, compassionate manner that honors their right to be in control of their bodies, their births, and their babies.

Ample, free parking means you are just a few steps from our front door. As you enter, you are greeted by our friendly office manager, who will welcome you into our warm, comfortable family room. Please feel free to visit our tea and snack bar, use our free Wi-Fi, check out a book from our lending library, and make yourself at home.

Our licensed, certified midwives pride themselves in being on time for your appointment. Your time is as important as ours! We’ll be with you quickly, so you should rarely have to wait for more than a few minutes.

We have two Birth Suites. The Serenity Suite is decorated in greens, with plenty of windows and natural light, the atmosphere is bright and cheery. The next birth room is Mermaid Cove, in blues and browns, provides more quiet and secluded space..

Both rooms feature private bathrooms, extra deep tubs for water birth, queen beds, luxury linens, aromatherapy, music options, and of course, a licensed, certified midwife and an RN birth assistant.

The birth center also has an exam room, postpartum exam room, a family lounge, a kitchenette, offices, storage and all the necessary facilities to meet national standards for the cleaning and handling of equipment and laundry.

Get to know our beautiful birth suites

Mermaid Cove




Mermaid Cove

Dark, cave like and cozy! Women love the comfort darkness creates while in labor! Enjoy the beautiful fireplace for warmth or just as a meditative focal point while relaxing in the tub. It’s just one of the features that make our birth suites feel like a luxurious Bed and Breakfast experience.

Serenity Suite

The bright and airy birth room! It features the birth swing which can reach both the bed and the tub so you have something to pull against as you’re bearing down. The birth swing can even be put over your belly while you lean forward so someone can do hip squeezes or massage your back.

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Safety and Outcomes at Birth Centers

Freestanding birth centers offer low risk women desiring unmedicated, low-intervention birth a place to be heard, to be safe, and to be cared for.

There have been 2 large studies about the safety of birth centers, and both showed that birth centers in America are a wonderful option for women. Do you know America has the worst maternal mortality rates of all developed countries? We lose approximately 7 times as many mothers as Finland, and 3 times as many as the UK. The USA’s infant mortality is significantly higher, too. Do you know what every other country does differently? It uses midwives as primary care providers, and offers birth center and home birth options to everyone.

However, even with great care, emergencies can and do happen. Embrace is located directly across the street from a fire station and EMS. We have had multiple on-site trainings to ensure they know exactly who we are and what we do.

We also are positioned almost perfectly between Chippenham and Johnston Willis Hospitals, which have 24 hr a day OBs, anesthesiologists and Level 3 NICUs.

We never expect an emergency, but we always are ready for one.

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